VSIP Industrial Park received 01 firefighting truck made by SP.SAMCO

In the morning of November 2nd,2017 had taken out the handover ceremony of 01 fire truck manufactured by SAMCO for VSIP Industrial Park before putting the vehicle into operation formally.

Water capacity of 5m3 with double cabin design, maneuverability, flexibility

The fire truck handed-over this time by SAMCO to VSIP is built on chassis car HINO FG8JJSB Japanese-produced, 100% new assembly in Vietnam in 2017. Doubled cabin with 7 seats creates the highest mobility for working function.

On top of car equipped a fixed sprayer branded Rosenbauer imported from Austria

Special firefighting system is manufactured and assembled 100% new at SAMCO in 2017. Water tank with capacity of 5.0 m3 and 1.0 m3 foam tank are both made from stainless steel material SUS304 (Acerinox - Spanish brand, manufactured in Malaysia). Welding line of tank have been tested and certified by the Center for quality measurement techniques. The roof water tank has pasted a ribbed anti-slip aluminum for working on purpose.

SAMCO fire trucks use centrifugal 2-level pressure pump of Rosenbauer

SAMCO firefighting-truck lines uses special centrifugal 2-level pressure pumps with integrated Fix mix foam mixer branded Rosenbauer - Austria. Above the car mounted with a fixed sprayer branded Rosenbauer, multifunctional operating such as squirting spray, wide spray, foam or water... can adjust flow rate or spraying type immediately while spraying.

Modern compact design but still meet the strict technical requirements

At the end of the handing and maneuvering day, representative of VSIP Industrial Park appreciated and gave a lot of compliments on the designs and the quality of the vehicle that get better through each delivery. SAMCO also discussed with the customer about improvements needed for further orders.

Some pictures of the handing day:

(Published: Nov 15th, 2017 - TV)