Binh Duong Urban Construction Company received 03 Bulldoze Garbage truck made by SAMCO

After nearly 3 months of production, in November 16th, 2017; SAMCO had handed over and given maneuver instruction to Binh Duong Urban Construction Limited Company staffs.

Binh Duong Urban Construction is one of the leading in waste collection operations, ensure a clean and hygiene environmental for Thu Dau Mot city. With regular waste collection and large density, the company has chosen to order 03 Bulldoze-waste-collector garbage truck built on chassis FG8JJSB HINO of Japan.

03 SAMCO garbage trucks on handing day

The vehicle equipped with special system made by SAMCO includes shell, frame of the barrel, garbage pusher made by alloy steel SPA-H from Japan which can endure external atmospheric corrosion and high pressure (tensile stress 512-545 N/mm). Garbage container has curved shape border without external strengthening bones. The roof of the barrel rounded curve inside out to reserve the force created during compressing progress in order to avoid distortion of the barrel.

Special system manufactured at SAMCO

HINO FC9JESW garbage truck also equipped with bulldoze garbage collector, can automatically lower down when moving backward to trash pile. 90% of the hydraulic system are imported from G7 countries, using high quality American Caltex Oil which can endure more than 4,000-hour lifespan. In addition, the car is also equipped with anti-collapse valve, ensure the safety for the operator in case of breakage malfunctions of hydraulic oil pipe. All the advantages have create a product of quality, safety and reliability for users.

With three new members, the work of local waste collection will be much easier for the Company

With continuously improvement spirit for the quality of the product of engineering team, based on the opinions of the customers. SAMCO products always meet the most strictly requirements of customers in order to bring up high economic effective for company business activities.

Some pictures of the handing day:

(Published: November 24th, 2017 - TV)