SP.SAMCO handed 01 Bulldoze garbage truck to Quyet Tien Cargo Loading Cooperative

In the morning of July 4th, 2017; An Lac Special Automobile Mechanical Enterprise SP. SAMCO has conducted operating, guiding and maneuvering the Bulldoze garbage truck marked (ERMHI 045I) for Quyet Tien Cargo Loading Cooperative.

SAMCO Garbage truck on delivery day

The car was built on base vehicle HINO FC9JESW, produced in Japan and assembled new 100% in Vietnam in 2017. The vehicle has EURO 2 emission standard, has a total payload of 10,400 kg. The vehicle equipped with the special system made by SAMCO includes shell, frame of the barrel, garbage pusher made by alloy steel SPA-H from Japan which can endure external atmospheric corrosion and high pressure (tensile stress 512-545 N/mm). Garbage containers has curve shape border, no external strengthening bones. The roof of the barrel rounded curve outside to reserve the force created during compressing progress in order to avoid distortions of the barrel.

Special systems made from Japanese alloy steel

HINO FC9JESW garbage truck also equipped with bulldoze garbage collector, can automatically lower down when moving backward to trash pile. Hydraulic cylinders imported from Italy, double pump gears type. Rear trash cover is operated by hydraulic, curved shape cap follows to marginal form of container and sealed with pressed tanks by fish bone type rubber band in order to maintain beauty and hygiene when the car moving on the road.

Junk loader along with the hydraulic cylinder systems on the car

In addition, at the rear of the car is also fitted with a spacious place and hand-rails, enough room for workers to work safety. 2 sides of compressing session have water discharger with quick-action door to clean inside tank.

The hand-rails and stands system at two sides of the car

The quality of garbage truck branded SAMCO is undisputed. With its flexible design, satisfaction for vary demands on technical at the mean time brings the essence of modern urban design. In the future, wish that the reputation of the SP. SAMCO will increasingly be known by more and more partners.

Some pictures from the handing of SAMCO garbage truck:

(Published: 06/10/2017, TV)