UNIC Telescopic Boom Crane - UR-V340K

Max. lifting capacity: 3030 kg 
Max. boom length: 14.61 m
Standard weight: 945 kg
Suggested truck: GVW 11 t
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UR-V340K is a crane series for light-duty truck. Designed base on "V-series" standard of UNIC, this series can meet the requirement of professional working and low cost.

V340 - V340K

Max. lifting capacity: 3030 kg
Slewing angle: 360º (continuous)
Raising angle: 1º ~ 78º
Max. boom length: 14,46 m
Max. hook height: 15.9 m
Oil flow: 60 l/m
Oil tank: 32 l
Standard weight: 945 kg
Standard outriggers: 3500 mm
Suggested truck: GVW 11 t

Safety devices

  • Pressure relief valve for hydraulic circuit
  • Counterbalance valves for boom raising and boom telescoping cylinders
  • Pilot-operated check valves for vertical outrigger cylinders
  • Boom angle indicator with load indicator
  • Hook safety latch
  • Automatic mechanical brake for winch
  • Loadmeter
  • Overwinding alarm
  • Automatic hook stowing (Uni-hook)
  • Boom anti-blocking system
  • Boom anti-slewing system


  • Color:  Red


  • Download brochure here.
  • Fully extend all outriggers on solid, level surface leveling vehicle.
  • Rated loads shown in the chart are based on the crane strength rather than stability.
  • Rated loads shown must be reduced in accordance with vehicle weight, loaded condition of truck crane mounting position, wind ground condition and operating speed.
  • The mass of hook (30kg), slings, and any accessories attached to the boom or loadline must be deducted from the above rated loads in the chart.
  • In accordance with our policy of constant product improvement, all specifications are subject to change without notice or obligations.

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