UNIC Telescopic Boom Crane - Mini-Crawler Crane

Max. lifting capacity: 995~10140 kg 
Max. boom length: 5.49~23.1 m
Max. hook height above ground level: 5.6~22.8 m
Max. hook height below ground level: 10.5~30 m
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UNIC mini-crawler crane is perfect lifting equipment that enables to meet wide variety of applications and ideal tools to support lifting works wherever access is restricted or working space is confined. Its excellent accessibility and flexibility will make many labor-intensive lifting operations be easier, safer and faster by UNIC mini-crawler crane.

  • Rated loads show the performance of the crane on the level ground are based on an actual working radius including boom deflection under load conditions. Rated loads are also based on the strength of the crane and the stability of the crawler.
  • The mass of hook (30 kg), slings and any accessories attached to the boom or loadline must be deducted from the rated load in the chart.
  • Rated loads must be reduced in accordance with wind effects, ground conditions and operation speeds.
  • "Max extended outriggers" means inner boxes are extended to the max extended position an a swing jack pin of each outrigger arm is inserted into the normal position. Other than the above, operate according to figures of "not max extended outriggers".
  • Improper set-up of outriggers may cause a turnover of the crane. Extend outriggers fully and set them on the firm and level ground. Make sure all lock pins are inserted properly.
  • If even one outrigger is not fully extended, operate according to figures of "not max extended outriggers". Operate the crane with care in this case as the stability must be changed remarkably.
  • In order to operate the crane safety, read operation and maintenance manually carefully before operation.
  • In accordance with our policy of constant product improvement, all specifications are subject to change without notice or obligations.

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